From being a static document used for financing purposes alone the business plan becomes a dynamic tool covering all elements needed within lean business development.

Through eight intuitive steps the authors take you on a journey starting with the overarching strategic issues, all the way through to the tactical implementation and everyday tasks. The book supports an online tool (www.leanbusinessplanner.com) which enables you to follow up your plan every single day. This makes business development a continuous activity, not an all-out effort once a year.

The chapters of this book are structured according to the eight steps of the method:

  • Resources
  • Objectives
  • Business Idea
  • Risk
  • Business Model
  • Tasks
  • Gap
  • Overview

Lean Business is relevant for everyone working in or with companies with growth ambitions. It is especially relevant for managers, owners and board members who wish to play an active role in the business development process.

The appeal of the Lean business Platform is that it is the anti-business plan, business plan. Building upon the Lean Start-up Movement created by Steve Blank and Eric Ries, it offers an alternative approach to the traditional business plan.

Nathan Gold The Demo Coach

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