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Lean Business Planning - Tutorial Videos Out Now!

Posted by Yngve Dahle on November 18, 2015


Lean Business Planning has redefined the business plan. From being a static document used for financing purposes alone, the business plan has become a dynamic tool covering all elements needed within lean business development. 

Now you can experience Lean Business Planning and the accompanying online tool, Lean Business Planner through a 13-part video series covering:

  • Introduction
  • Owners' Instructions
  • Resources
  • Business Idea
  • Test: Your Business Idea
  • Business Model
  • Test: Do You Solve the Problem
  • Gaps
  • Test: Is the Market Big Enough
  • Objectives
  • Risk
  • Tasks
  • Overview

Please enjoy, and give feedback. 

PS! If you like what you see, why not get your copy of the book that explains all the details, Lean Business Planning

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