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How can Forecasting be Separated from Objectives and Tasks?

Posted by Yngve Dahle on April 6, 2016

This blog post is co-written by Yngve Dahle and Mark Robinson.

An important precondition for making a business plan is that your company’s everyday activities should be linked to its long-term strategies. Unfortunately, very few entrepreneurs do this. Strategy documents are often drawn up by senior management, only to be left languishing in a desk drawer. Each department sets its’ own objectives and tasks, while the financial manager makes the forecast. Often none of these planning activities are coordinated with each other.

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Topics: Objectives, Forecasting, Tasks

Do you set the right objectives for your startup?

Posted by Yngve Dahle on October 1, 2015

This blog post is co-written by Yngve Dahle and Mark Robinson.

Traditional board meetings often consist of comparing a company’s financial results with the budget made at the start of the year. Some even compare them with the results from the previous year. While this probably makes sense for a stable company that has been run the same way for years, it adds little value to the type of innovative companies categorized as “startups”. These companies are characterized by constant uncertainty and change. They are living in an experiment of continuous trial and error. So, our recommendation is to abolish the budget, and stop comparing with the previous year.

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